Monday, 22 March 2010

Bear Change time and yielding a paint brush

Haven't changed the bear for a few days.
Thought maybe he would like to wear his pirate togs for a change.

We've been busy doing other things like covering up the fire place.
Yielding a brush to splash the downstairs walls of the cottage.

Covering chairs and "things" helps when you splash as much paint around as we do.

The most prized and cherished possession in the whole place, is covered up first.
She was asleep when we covered her up, we didn't like to disturb her, she only ever gets it all over herself by leaning on the wet walls anyway and dabbing her tail in the paint.
No, sorry that's me who leans on wet walls.


Christine said...

Perhaps Bear will spy treasure on the horizon as he watches paint dry!
Best brush forward!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Amie
Yes of course you are the most prized possesion that anyone could ever have.. And I see you are all covered up so no splashies can get on you. It looks like a paint party to me, but if I were you- I would go find mew mew and stick her under the plastic with you.

Dolores said...

My little pomeranins Maverick and Dolly used to get paint on them too. I felt so sorry for them and promptly blamed my husband who should have made sure they were away from the wet paint.
Bear looks very spiffy in his pirate get-up. I do hope the paint fumes don't bother Amie.

Allie said...

I adore Bear's pirate togs - he's such a swashbuckling fellow! Glad Amie's covered up. Maybe you should wear a tarp too, that would protect you from walls!

Anonymous said...

Misha admired the bear :)Are you painting again? Covering up Amie :))))))

Caroline B said...

Ahargh me hearties...or summink like that!
Glad the painting is progressing well and Amie is keeping clean - our Jasper managed to do a Damien Hirst in blue paint with his tail once...

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, what are you painting now?? lol I'm sure it will look beautiful as the last room did. :) Poor Ames! Haha. She looks confused!


WendyCarole said...

Bear looks very smart

midge x x x said...

Hi guys,
Soggibottom is an old lady and needs looking after. We are always painting somewhere around the place.
Got to keep her spruce and looking good like Ames x x x

Anonymous said...

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