Wednesday, 17 March 2010

To Croak or head for the pond.

Thank you very much everyone.... for all your emails and your comments on the last post.

What a thoughtful bunch you are X X X

This is the snap taken of Amie and Hannah a few moments ago. You can see for yourself Amie doesn't look quite herself at the moment, she has the tired look of someone who snores so much they wake themselves up. I relented last night and she slept beside me. Ear plugs don't work.

Mew on the other hand seems fine and is recovering well, as you can see.
You could say she is in the pink, not quite, but she soon will be.
Before anyone asks. NO SHE IS NOT HAVING KITTENS..... she does have a problem, not just being overweight. She is the kindest silliest cat you will ever meet. She has another car trip back to the vet for a post operative check tomorrow with Ames.
THEY BOTH TRAVEL WELL. Amie always thinks she is off to the beach anyway. Mew on the other hand has never been to the beach.
Don't think Mew will miss the feel of sand between her toes.

Thanks again everyone. x x x
If Mew had kittens, she is so lazy she probably would get Amie to look after them !


Allie said...

I think, after tomorrow's visit, Mew should visit the beach. Amie could show her the ropes. They could hunt for fish together.
Mew is a model kitty compared to my Hermoine - if Hermoine were having kittens, it would be a litter of 100 or more.

WoolenSails said...

Glad to see they are recovering well. We had our dog in once with three operations and he came home drugged and in a collar. The poor guy had no balance, but he would not sit down, he still had to follow me everywhere. It got to the point where I had to sit down and not move before he killed himself.


WendyCarole said...

good to see them both

Heckety said...

I'm glad they are on the mend- I love the photo you took of them peering down the stairs! It really shows their characters!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping in just caught up on your vet visiting. Glad they are recovering well. It's always a worry when pets aren't 100%.

The wuss hounds here go all trembly and dare each other to go first at innoculation time.

Shelley said...

I'm laughing thinking about sweet Amie snoring - it can't be possible...but then again maybe? LOL! Hope that poor little Mew feels okay!

Lisa said...

You crack me up! I am glad your sweeties had a good day! How cute to pic of them together!
I had an awful day at work today! It was one of the days that makes me not want to do what I do. But it is over and I will go back tomorrow. This week has been really over the top physically and emotionally. But I'll be ok!
Hugs, Lisa

Tweedles -- that's me said...

How are my sweetness friends today?
Much better I hope.
The picture of them on the steps is soooo precious , that I just want to wag my tail at them and give puggy kisses.
Please tell Amie and mew mew are betters.
Kisses from me for them