Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sun in January on Teignmouth Beach.

There is nothing better after a walk on the beach than to cuddle up in front of the fire with your favorite toy.
This is Chris the boxer, the love of Amie's life.

After the last few weeks it was really good to get out this morning.

Doesn't look like January, didn't feel like it.
It was 12 Degrees and the sun was shining.

Looks like most of the snow has gone on Dartmoor.
This is one of my favorite views of Dartmoor as we sneak through the back roads into the village.


Lisa said...

Oh how lovely! It is rainy and warm here today. I guess it cold be rainy and 30! :) Your puppy is a cutie for sure!
Hugs, Lisa

Allie said...

Oh how pretty is that!!! Sweet Amie, she looks so content!

WoolenSails said...

Amie looks so cute with her toy.
That is a beautiful view from the hill.
17 degrees is not a temp, I would take a walk in, lol.


Anonymous said...

Amie is a darling :) And you have such good winter... I envy xxxx

WendyCarole said...

Amy looks so comfy.

I shall make sure John sees the Teignmouth photos

Gina said...

Aimee is so gorgeous.

Love the beach shots. we haven't had good enough weather to go for a nice walk. Hopefully it will dry up by the end of the week.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

LeKaQuilt said...

Thats to sweet friends :o)) I love that even your dog has hes own bear.

Michele said...

I have a fondness for roof shots, so I thought your shot from the back roads VERY nice. And of course everyone loves sweet Amie, including me...Thanks again for all your photos.