Saturday, 16 January 2010

Free quick Guide to keyboard EMOTICONS

I know that I should know the basic keyboard cheats, but if your like me I haven't a clue about some of them. This list might help.

:-) Hi
;-) Winking
:-( Frown
:-I Indifferent
:- Sarcastic
>:-> Devilish
:-o Wow!
:-C Astonished !
:-/ Grim
:-, Smirhing
:-ll Angry
:-x kissing
:-" Pursed lips
:-# My lips are sealed
8-l Amazement
>-<>-- Rose

I'm sure you know more of these than me..
This list is especially for my friend Michele. The other Michele, I wouldn't dream of telling you who is the youngest out of the two of us.

Hope it helps............ there are more, but because of their composition of funny computer stuff they won't come out when I click to post......
Need more, then have to email me....

The raccoon isn't a native of Britain, this little fellow lives in Dartmoor Zoo and is called Oscar...
We were there one early morning last year. They have bears at Dartmoor Zoo, but that is another story for another time....

Visit Polina's Give a Way by clicking on the right.

I don't speak Russian either, before anyone asks!
Or dares to email me................................................. !
This clever lady doesn't use a translator she has her last blog posting in English as well as Russian.

If you have trouble leaving a comment. Tip.....Press the biggest button...........all the time....

I can't display the Russian here for "comment", but give it a try. If I can do it anyone can.

Please, please, don't keep emailing me with EMOTICONS.
I never use them. I click onto the google one's . Thought they would give me time to do the things I do best...make bears. x x

Hi Malc. X love Midge


Lynda (Granny K) said...


Christine said...

I didn't even know over half of those existed! Thanks!

Myra said...

Cutie pie Oscar!

I had no clue about a "list"! My 8-)
is meant to be my smiley face...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I'm the villain to use these :) in my letters... sorry xxx
The racoon is so cute!
And thanks a lot for the promotion of my giveway, I'll surely answer all question and try to help everyone.

Caroline B said...

I too didn't know half of those existed and won't be able to remember them anyway....:0(

Allie said...

Ha- I didn't know a few either. That racoon is cute, but they are a terror around here! They love garbage, we can't put ours outside til the day the trucks come.