Thursday, 7 January 2010

Large and takes ages to move

Thought you might like to see Dartmoor in all it's snow bound glory.

Mew has a habit of finding great places to sleep away the Winter.
Here she is laying on my bed on the first quilt that I ever made.
Mew, is the most placid and friendly cat you will ever meet but if you've seen other pictures of her on Soggibottom blog than you'll remember she is also very LARGE.
To try and move her when she doesn't want to be moved is never an easy assignment.
To be honest...give in and leave best.

The quilt that I made all those years ago, still comes out every Winter, especially during the bad Winters.
I made the quilt on a machine. Pretty easy stuff, or so I thought.
Having never made one before I was sure it wouldn't take me long.... IT TOOK ME AGES.......
The quilt will never win any awards for being perfect, it doesn't matter, I love it.

This is what I stitched it on. My Nana's Singer sewing machine.
Days during school holidays of sitting at my Grandmother's side while she whirled away.
Curtains, cushions, skirts, blouses..and dresses of cotton print that were intended for me.

I do have a new machine in the black hole of Calcutta under the stairs called a cupboard.
But Nana's old machine still sews beautifully, has all the attachments and needles and a beautiful shuttle bobbin.
Shame on me for leaving it at the top of the stairs...
It needs a polish and some oil.
My old, working Singer sewing machine is faded and not so pristine as it was in my grandmothers time. I leave it out so I can reminisce occasionally.

Rather like this lovely old print Christmas wrapping paper.
I saw this and it instantly brought back memories of childhood and Christmas. Stockings with an orange and an apple in it. For some reason when I saw this paper I could almost smell Christmas.

I won this beautiful vintage Christmas paper a few days before December 25th. It has flown a few air miles from California to Devon. Complete and whole, not a tear or fold that shouldn't be there. Unlike most of the Christmas decorations this hasn't been put away. I have plans to use it during the Summer. A big thank you to Sheila from Faded But Desired Treasures for my win.

Sheila has a blog that makes you swoon for nostalgia....
visit by a clicking HERE you won't be able to keep away..


No........ I didn't.

I won't take the credit.
The children that made the snow fairy pass the cottage and are great admires of the Soggibottom Bear.
Here it is sitting on the railway bridge in the village..... always helps to get the full picture.
Keep warm.


WendyCarole said...

my mum had an old singer when we were little.

Love the wrapping paper.

Mew looks really comfy Tia sends purrs

WoolenSails said...

My mom had a singer like that, that was her mom's, and of course, I said no when she wanted to give it to me, dumb me.


Allie said...

Mew looks so cozy! I wouldn't have the heart to move her, lol.
Midge. I am having heart palpitations over that sewing machine. WHAT a beauty. How I wish they still made things like that. It's fabulous, girl, and what a treasure of memories for you.
That wrapping paper is great - can't wait to see what you do with it!

I can't believe that snow fairy is on the bridge, oh my, it's lovely but did they create it there? Or create it and lift it? That's a great pic!

Dolores said...

I have one of those. Heavy things they are. The one I have needs to be worked on since I know it likes to eat the fabric in the feed dogs. It's so nice that your cat likes quilts too. I never try to move my kitties. They always look so, so comfortable when they are sleeping.

Unknown said...

How fun! I'd love to have just enough so for the kiddos to build a snowman. Around these parts it hasn't snowed more than a couple of inches since I was a girl... ah memories!

Love that cute paper!

Gina said...

Dartmoor looks beautiful. It's nice to see it with clear skies.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Caroline B said...

Wow, Dartmoor doesn't look like it's in this country...if you know what I mean!
Love the wrapping paper - Christmas stockings just HAD to have the thin, gaudy wrapping paper or it wasn't Christmas - I used to search for it for my own children's stockings too.

Fed up with snow now.....

Lisa said...

Cute kitty! Glad she is comfy!!
The sewing machine is a true treasure!!
Hugs, Lisa

Michele said...

Loved the sheep, the snow pictures of someplace other than my backyard, the lovely old quilt and its lovely companion, and of course your machine. I had my grandmother's also, but ran out of room, and gave it to my brother for his wife, who really loves antiques and treasures it. I don't feel bad, she probably uses it! And a snow fairy...loved the "hair." What clever children. Thanks for a wonderful blog full of interesting things...