Saturday, 2 January 2010

Amie Dreams.

When you have that hang dog or hang cat feeling after Christmas and the New Year.

Go and get some fresh air along the beach.

Make sure you dress up warmly so you feel pretty snug.
Then head straight for the shore line and stamp your feet as hard as you can to scare the seagulls.

After your walk make sure you bring as much of the beach sand on your feet with you inside.
Then snuggle up as close as you can to the fire and snore as loudly as possible..

Start of another glorious year on the beach.......


Myra said...

Wonderful photos! Wish I lived by the water... 8-)
All the best in 2010!

WoolenSails said...

Way too cold for that today and it is snowing. Tonight and tomorrow, 40 knot winds along with the cold, so bone chilling temps. Good weekend to stay in and create.


Allie said...

Oh Amie I'm jealous! Midge, I'm so glad you took your camera along. I'd love to come stroll your beach.....I can't seem to do anything but sleep this week!

purplecat said...

I love the little dog jumper!!!
yes a walk on the beach is good, we love it in the winter as much as the summer, its usually more exciting with the foaming seas :0