Thursday, 14 January 2010

Power cut pranks

When the sun goes down and you have to turn on the lights....

Fantastic to know at a flick of a switch you have endless electricity at your command.

Ours electricity flickered and went out a couple of nights ago.
For us it wasn't the end of the world, we lit candles and messed around with the camera for an hour.

We also remembered we had a wind up torch. Really clever invention.

It works just like the wind up radios you can buy.
We haven't got a radio but the wind up torch saved us from tripping over Amie and the cottage cats. Who for some reason all woke up as the lights went out.

Our lights came back on.

About the same time in another part of the world.....
well, lets say sometimes silly stuff like snow and power cuts are put into prospective.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! But its better to have electricity anyway :)

Heather said...

Who let the bear near the camera?!

Animals love being underfoot, I'm convinced of it!!

WendyCarole said...

we have a wind up torch its very useful.

Hope Soggibottom Bear is enjoying the cricket book mor e than Biddle is enjoyig the cricket xx

Allie said... the top pic. Yes, we are blessed indeed to have what we do...

WoolenSails said...

We have a generator for power outs, I am so spoiled, lol. The worst is losing the foods in the refrigerator, had that happen once, so now we have back up.


Micki said...

I hate power outages...We light the candles and the dogs hate it too.