Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wool tops and Poppy tops

It's not often I take to washing out side but the wool tops weren't coming into the cottage until they were cleaner. I'm not sure what I am going to make out of them yet. I'll let you see when I have finished............any idea's?

Also been picking things from the garden ready for the Winter, terrible thought of the dark nights creeping closer and closer. These are marigold petals if your wondering where I have left my marbles... I use them for all sorts of things, cooking, hair washing, and they dye material. They grow really well, no skill involved. The bees and I love them.

Christmas poppies, now I have mentioned the other dreaded Winter word.
They have been drying in the shed all Summer, now it's time for them to dress up the cottage fireplace. Then I cut them down and use them for our Christmas door wreath.

Last and not least....the, did I get in a pickle over these things. I do label plants but the labels have a tendency to either fall out of the pot or I use the plastic label for something else, KNOWING that I will remember what they are when they grow......

They got muddled with courgettes, pumpkins, and squash....all the fun of growing your own. Just wait and see what comes up!
I also had a stern look for growing something in the veggie plot that wasn't one of Frankie de tabby's garden eatables. Look great on the cottage table, very Autumnal......


WendyCarole said...

what exciting things you have. Love the marigold petals my favourite colours

Thanks for th ecomment on my blog

Anonymous said...

Oh, looking forward to what you will felt next!