Sunday, 6 September 2009

Snail and slug busters, who needs them?

We need some get up and get 'em frogs.

This isn't one of them.

Normally when we start to clear the jungle/garden the frogs scatter when they are disturbed.

Not this camera loving little isn't that a kissable face.

You can if you want to I'll pass on that.

He sunned himself for ages, I began to be bored watching him......


No wonder we have so many snails this autumn.

Get to work froggy.

As you watch the video you will understand how I felt.


Bunny said...

I don't know, I think he's kind of handsome. For a frog. LOL

I used to be grossed out by most things like frogs and bugs, but I quite like them now! As long as they aren't touching me. ew.

WendyCarole said...

lazy but cute

Michele said...

Not cute, not kissable, just lazy....
..........I might not want to kiss him, but I always look for him in this spot. aw.....lazy little devil.

emie said...

wow back home in the philippines people eat frogs it was said that its good for the heart.....mmmmm

Michele said...

Good to hear from you Emie.

Is that fried or fricassee?

I don't think this little lazy guy would give your heart much get up and go do you?
x x x Michele

Don said...

This frog has as many warts as our American toads! Our frogs are generally smooth-skinned. Besides tree frogs and spring peepers, our main frogs are leopard frogs (rather pretty) and bullfrogs (rather large and loud).

I agree with Emie. Frogs are good eats.

soggibottom said...

Frogs in soggibottom garden aren't among the frankie de tabby's eatables...........ever!

sorry guys......