Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sticky monkey

We have a sticky monkey.

Not talking about Amie sitting in her favorite spot in the car on her way to Dorset on Saturday morning.

Not the other sticky monkey you can see holding onto the back window for grim death. He falls off sometimes.

We have no email system at Soggibottom at the moment.
We have had a really cute little guy fixing it for days. He did, then as soon as he went out of the door......Murphy's law kicked in.
Cut off from the outside world..................AGAIN!

What a beautiful world it can be.
This is the beautiful Chisel Beach at Weymouth.
Miles and miles of it. Always at it's best viewed from the highest point you can find.

Portland Bill was slightly windy as you can hear. This is the view we see on a clear day from Devon.
The Devon Coast is beyond the lighthouse.
It's always a hazy view from the Devon side. Brilliant to know what we are looking at next time we go for a walk along one of the Devon beaches.


Michele said...

What a great effect, listening to the wind, and looking at the beautiful coastline in England! Loved it, loved it. Thanks, Midge. Hope your computer is fixed soon...):

Soggibottom said...

aw, thanks Michele x x x