Saturday, 5 September 2009

Soggibottom Visitors

Georgia is our Goddaughter.
Here she is with her little sister Zara when they came to visit last weekend.

A Soggibottom bear went home with them.
I hoped they would take the snails they were picking up outside with them too....
they didn't........but there is always next time.


Don said...

What beautiful, lucky little visitors you had. Not many people in the world are fortunate enough to have a Soggibottom Bruin. Not many people are fortunate enough to have such lovely children about.

They left the snails? In America we have a large worm called a 'night crawler', because it come out of its burrow on damp evenings. Very good fish bait. I remember collecting dozens as a bored youngster at a relative's house, and leaving them in a jar on the stoop. They probably felt a bit like you regarding your snails.

Kids. Better love 'em.

purplecat said...

what sweet girls :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes x

Anonymous said...

Well now, what pretty little visitors you have there! Nice to hear they were playing with the snails, little girls and boys should enjoy the great outdoors in these hectic electronic times. And how lucky to take home a Soggibottom bear! I'm sure they will give him/her lots of love.


Michele said...

I guess my better half is struck by the lovely little visitors as I was...Reminds me of our granddaughters, too. And yes, they have left the insect or two about. Just ask any of their adult relatives! Bet these two will be back for more fun, just mention the frogs.