Friday, 25 September 2009

Tatty old 20th century gong wall clock

A while ago I told you about finding my pictures on a web site that sold old tat.
My word for dust collecting stuff.... I'm sure there is another word for it but for me, calling it old tat works!

I know it happens so I shouldn't really have been so annoyed,
Soggibottom's clock, picture, part of a beam and the wall, look hard I expect you'll see a cobweb.

I deleted the old post of my Nana's 1920 clock.
Here it is the picture again with a new title. It has one gong missing, as we stopped the film too early.
I love this clock.................... I remember it on another wall, in another house and a time when I wasn't tall enough to reach it.
If any one knows more about it than we do, we would love to hear from you....apart from the same picture appearing on an Eastern European site..................

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