Monday, 28 September 2009

Windy Winds in Teignmouth, Devon

This is result of my spinning practice, wool washing and carding paddles.

I'm not the greatest spinner of yarns, but it did knit up.

It's a one off and I really like originality, not sure if the ducks do.

Amie went for a walk around Teignmouth yesterday and ended up at the quay.
I love the view of Dartmoor in the back ground every time we cross the river.

The front door of Windy Wings.......... it wouldn't be fair of me to show someone's cottage on here, hope they forgive me for their front door. It's in a very narrow lane in Teignmouth, to see the name on the door made a large smile cross my face. Person after my own heart.........they have a sense of humour.

Last of all I couldn't resist this.........if anyone moans at me for taking it.....moan on, I won't mind......................
I hate having to try and quickly side step these things. I move slower than most (not all people before I really get moaned at) buggy drivers.
I always give way, or get run over....I cringe when one of the motor "things" comes near me.
The two ladies driving here, gave me a wide berth, for which I was thankful.
I think they were more interested in chasing each other along the sea front.
I can't tell you which one won, as they disappeared in a flash like a couple of Formula One car drivers.


ittybittyandpretty said...

what a great post!! your bag is fab *quack* and the pic of the boats is straight off a jigsaw i recently did :D
have a great week

Sparky said...

My moneys on the red one!

WendyCarole said...

Love the bag. I will show the Teignmouth photos to DH. He grew up there and Shaldon.

Thanks for the comment on my blog

Benson Jutton (Prawn GP) said...

I don't know how you got this shot of myself about to overtake Hamilton on the harbour chicane at Monaco? I usually charge "Hello" or "Horse and Hounds" mags, a couple of grand a snap.

Don said...

Ahh...the demons in your fairy-tale land...the harpies! Beware their snatching tendencies. You may lose your purse (even the new one), your pouch (have Tony leave the sporran at home) or your pooch (Heaven help those who touch Amie!) to these shrieking sisters of small-stature-snatchure.

Well. That was fun.