Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Soggibottom's fluffy bits

I suppose I should put something that I have "made" on here.
This is the washed wool you saw in the tub a while ago. I know...rubbish spinner eh?
The finished article is coming along..........really, believe me..... honestly....

I started to knit with the ball of wool. That I had spun with a drop spindle (made by Tony) and it was fine....well no it wasn't.
It was very thick with fine bits.... but that was o.k. very rustic, that's my excuse!
I am never going to master drop spindle spinning, say that when you have had a glass of wine, or two.
I have now taken it off from this needle and re wound it. Using a larger pair of needles, I have made something. You'll have to wait as I haven't had time to sew it together yet. Fun doing something I have never done before though......be brave and try something different.

Now I can go back to the normal stuff................. Something different.

Fluffs is a Soggibottom cat, but she's not my cat, she really belongs to Steve.
How many of you have done the same thing with your kids pets?

If you haven't you will!!

We've looked after her here for about six years. No matter how much coaxing, carrying outside, love and attention she has always had. Her real owner arrives and she decides to explore the big wide outside world.........................

Fluffs and I spent the whole morning, messing around in the garden. I came in from the garden and thought CRACKED IT!
Jump for joy after all the years of trying to get her out and about.
No way..........................she has been asleep all day, she must be about 19/20 years old, so maybe you can't blame her.

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Dolores said...

So, how many cats does Amie share her household with? That is a good age but my friend's cat was about 21 when he passed away. A horrid Siamese - he liked to bite!
My two girls, Pixel and Digit are about 16 and I do hope they stick around for many more years.