Thursday, 7 May 2009

We have figs

O.k. small they might be, but FIGS never the less.

The garden is growing

and full of colour.


Anonymous said...

The garden looks great! Very pretty flowers too. I was wondering if you had gotten lost in there! Hahaha

Soggibottom said...

You must mean the jungle garden?
Love it when it gets overgrown, huge, big stuff...... It's such a small courtyard garden that somehow it looks right when you have to take a machet in there. Hope you had a great day by the way x x x .

Michele said...

You have a fig tree! How intriguing and wonderful! You must like figs?! Or is it the novelty that got you to grow it? Great pictures, Midge. Your garden is the envy of anyone in northern North America! We had frost last night, the temp. was in the high 20's, F. Then today it topped out at 70 F. Tonite the low is 50F. That is spring in Michigan.