Monday, 4 May 2009

Cockington, Devon

I tend to post pics on here and forget that everyone else hasn't a clue what they are about.
So had better explain. Cockington is about 10-15 minutes drive from Soggibottom Cottage. The time depends on the traffic and the time of year. I would love to say that this May Bank Holiday has been warm and sunny, not quite, Amie really needed a walk, this is where she went.

Cockington Village

The Gate keepers cottage at Cockington Court

The Drum Inn.


Tiffany T said...

Oh wow... I know it is something you are used to, but I LOVE the rooftops. I want my home to look like that. It whispers to me "Home".

Soggibottom said...

Hi Tiffany..........

For everyone else, Tiffany lives in California..............

Rooftops....... Soggibottom hasn't got a thatch roof.... too expensive to insure. Although it did at one time I feel I need to add.
A thatch roof lasts for approx. 10-15 years.... it's a really expensive top hat!

They look good though don't they?