Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New meaning to the words." Ditching the caravan"

Driving on the Devon Express Way you never know exactly what you are going to come across.
The car pulling the caravan in front of us looks normal as it drives along.
Until the caravan started to wobble, and sway backwards and forwards across the road.

The driver, very lucky guy steered the whole thing into the ditch, about the same time as one of
the caravan's wheels left the road, ready to turn the whole thing over.

Very pleased to say the family and dog, ( happened to be a cavalier) in the car in front were
unharmed. The car took a battering and not sure if the caravan was able to travel any further
into Cornwall.

So sorry for the family, the main thing, no one was hurt.

If you do pass someone in distress on a busy road, SLOW DOWN...... speedy

Amie and I might be sitting in the car that has stopped to help parked on the hard


Don said...

It is wicked how speedily misfortune whacks us off our tracks. I'll bet you were glad to have Tony close to hand with all his emergency experience.

Midge said...

I felt better that he didn't try and over take the caravan as it was going all over the road.
Lucky for the people inside the car that they were fine...... we haven't got a blue light on our car!