Sunday, 31 May 2009

How to felt a Teddy bear PART TWO and a bit.

I love Summer.
The bear was made by the light of the sun and the moon.

This little guy I am now going to give away.
If you would like him, you have to name him.
I'll give you a whole month and you can leave as many names as you wish. Every name/comment is an entry and on July 1st. We will have a draw.

No cheating.....e.g. snowy, snowy, snowy.............
I'll post him anywhere in the world, just need you to make sure I have your contact email, so he can travel.
Leave a comment, even if it's only to tell me to go back to mohair bears.......... Um....... I always craft something... just don't post all that I make, hopefully the tutorial no 1. no1 and a bit. Two, two and a bit will make up for me not blogging all that I make. Have a really great month and I won't forget to draw..... on July 1st.

Always keep my promises.
If I can't I don't promise!

I didn't embroider the paws, but you can.
I used a material dye pen.

Another photo explaining the nose. My instructions...................clear as mud!

If you really can't figure it out, email me and I will help.


Humpfrey said...


Jackie said...

(Or is it gunnera?)He's dead cute anyway. It looks like a load of work.
Or I could name him after your verification word today: notarpon.

ittybittyandpretty said...

bunny sent me... and i am glad she did. wowzer you are clever. if that bear lived all the way over here in australia i would have to call him Montgomery. he would really really like it in my house and have many great adventures.
smooches rosey

Fozzie Bear said...

This looks just like my best mate Nobby!! he has a wife, nora, and a couple of cubs, Norman and Naomie, He's a nice chap, gets a bit grumpy when one of them eats he's porriage though.