Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Moody Dartmoor.

Nothing is ever dull around here.. There are times we wish it were dull, nothing happening and really boring, most of all quiet and peace rules !
IF ONLY................ 

From so many photo's over the last few days... this is it.. the one that has been chosen to start this post. An open road.. ah, not just any open road, this road is in Dartmoor National Park.

The place where you see a sign post.. that means nothing what so ever...

Sign posts lead you completely up the garden path.

Sign posts can lead you to Widdecome in the Moor........
Even the church tells you to use another door, so you go around in a circle and end up where you started.

Sign posts can lead you to places you have never been before. ....

Widdecome the heart of Dartmoor National Park. There really isn't much to see.

Although high on Dartmoor today there were similarities..... CAN YOU GUESS WHAT ?
It was 12 deg C this morning at Soggibottom a heatwave. On the moor it was 6 deg C.. Maybe we should have stayed at home. But there is always something to remind you of home on Dartmoor.

Er... could it be the chemical mobile thing that is slap bang in the center of this photo ?

We came back to Soggibottom to find little blue flags everywhere. This is the next stage of development. OUR NEW CULVERT has to be planned and a careful route taken.. WELL AWAY from the wall of the railway line.. Because British Rail or what ever they are called now will moan..

We have no idea what so ever why the little blue flags were replaced with sand castle flags late this afternoon.

This is our beloved neighbour.. THIS IS STILL HER LAND until someone pays her for it..
We haven't the slightest idea where Rosie got the little sand castle flags from........

Freya doesn't know either !

Our neighbour Rosie has such a forgiving heart and she is such a good sport.
We had a laugh..........

Rosie had to say goodby to one of her beloved four paws today.It's never an easy job when you take on a feral cat. Rosie's cat Georgie was 14... not old, but as always if you love your cat or dog you do the right thing when the time comes.

Our culvert is going to take FOUR MONTHS to build .. FOUR MONTHS !
That is an awfully long road.

New view from our kitchen window.. but hey, this fence has it's own story.. to be continued :-) x x x

Freya has her own Dartmoor pics over at her blog the CAT FLAP CAVALIER.................... See you all soon.


WoolenSails said...

You make an overcast day beautiful, love the old stone buildings and countryside.


Jo's World said...

Now I get the opposite feeling, that you are just a tad grumpy. Ah well, maybe its me!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Unknown said...

We hope you are enjoying the fine weather at last. Paws crossed it continues. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

WendyCarole said...

now if you were feeling mischievous you could move all the little flags jsut to annoy the railway operator.

Oh my goodness a chaptcha I can read!

Old Kitty said...

Dartmoor is beautiful!! It's lovely!! Definitely on my bucket list to see after retirement! LOL!! Lovely!

Take care

Sue Doran said...

It's not a chemical mobile thing ... don't shatter my dream - I thought you had a tardis in your garden ;-)

Sue said...

Four months of noise and dust and chaos. I don't envy you. We went thru that a few years ago and I'd rather not do it again. But think how nice when it's all finished.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

so many beautiful photos!

Ayla said...

I don't know where to comment on the bunnies... so here I am!
they are cutsie-putsie!!

well done my love!

still missing you and hope to see you sooonnnn!!!


li cricket said...

I did all three : followed, shared and commented!