Saturday, 25 September 2010

crumbs and spiders

I promised bears.
Here are two of our upstairs guys that are window look outs.
I made, the front guy out of English mohair a few years ago.
I liked him so much that I kept him.
I wonder how many of us have made something, then really wanted to keep it.
It's not something I do that often. I still have his pattern and keep meaning to make another.
Except English mohair is hard to get hold of these days.

Nearly as hard as trying to get blogger to work properly ! ! !
You are not alone, lots of us are all having problems.

The other fellow at the back has stood guard at the window for ten years.
The crumbs beside on the cushion are Amie's, not mine, honestly........
They could be Mew's.

Great to wake up and see the sun again this morning.
The amount of people that pass the cottage who look in at the Soggibottom bear, Amie, Frank or Mew sitting in the downstairs window.
I wonder if all those that look in realise that the whole world looks out at them.
Thought you might like a change of view guys.

Last night the moon had a certain sheen.
Venus hangs around the moon as much as Frank hangs around mouse holes by the stream.
Winter is on it's way.

Colder weather also means that we have other visitors inside the cottage, trying to hang out with Frank and keep warm.

It was a big spider, it's not often that Amie is impressed.

Frank promptly trod on her just as I was about to put her outside.
AH !

Hopefully I will be back whole heatedly into blogging soon.
I haven't got around to thanking everyone who has been kind enough to leave a comment over the last few months.
Thanks guys. What would the cottage be like without all your good wishes and whole hearted giggles, laughs and thoughts. I would miss them all.


WendyCarole said...

had to scroll quickly past the eight legged creature. Tia is very good at catching them. I am terrified beyond rationality. Even a photo make makes me feel sick.

midge said...

So sorry Wendy. I know they aren't everyone's favorite creature.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

EEEEEK! I hate spiders, too! Love
the pic of the bears in the window,
maybe I should have some on look out, in the big window in the front of the house. hmmmmm...I will
keep ya posted. Give the fur babies a hug, from me.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Love the bears Midge! (But not the spider!) Ack! I hate those big webby ones you get in the garden at this time of year. I have hysterics if I walk into one. I really yell! I try and get DH to walk in front. If I go outside first I can be seen brandishing a long sheepskin duster like a light sabre (only my duster doesn't light up - pity!)
A hunter's moon last night - so bright I had to go and look out of the bedroom window around 3.0 am.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Oh, our bears are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them.

And those spiders, they keep invading us too with all the rainy weather we have had. The pups here like to pounce on them and devour them:(

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

I can not believe you MADE that bear!! AMAZING. The nose is so cute! Ewww spiders
<3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About

Tweedles -- that's me said...

The cottage bears are so happy to have a human live with them that speaks so beautifully. I wonder what the bears say when they speak?
Oh, I know for sure they talk, because the little guests who live under the cottage,,, they tell me.
They can be heard speaking at nite.
One thing they do say is how special it makes them feel to have a mom who makes them so beautifully, and then lets them stay forever!
And what an awsome moon my friend, so awsome..... and we are not going to confess about the spidys,,, they can live else where!

WoolenSails said...

Love the face on the bear, that is the type I like in bears. I don't mind spiders, as long as they stay outside. Bugs in our house is a free for all with the kitties, they will go to extreme measures to get them.


Allie said...

The bears are DARLING! You give them such personality, Midge. Oh that spider gave me the should see the one that's hanging out by hubby's car, biggest one I've seen outside of Texas, where they grow them big enough to saddle.
I don't like them in the, no I don't....

Oh - I love your pic of the moon - it's been eerie on this side of the pond too! It's almost wrist-warmer time!

Caroline B said...

I have trouble parting with certain created creatures too, but if I didn't, we'd be overrrun & you know how small my house is!
I screwed up my courage & caught & threw out a big spider like that the other evening as it thundered across the night it was back. It must have a key.

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Midge,
Thats a lovely upstairs bear he looks so cuddly.
The harvest moon was beautiful shining over the sea on Thursday.
Coffe sounds good especially without the hill. Seven Stars is nice.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bear- don't blame you for keeping him. We've been getting some big female spiders come in to the house too. The hounds are ignoring them though.

Cindy said...

Maybe the spider made its way inside to remind you that Fall is in the air and he needs to find warmth. LOL

I ALWAYS love your bears and can never get enough photos of them!!!

Micki said...

I love the bears...I just love any teddy! Spiders scare me silly, so I would have been screaming!

Heather said...

Very lovely bears...

I imagine all of these little eyes peering out of your house... and someone walking by in the night, looking up, and seeing them all staring in the dark.


Of course... what is someone doing walking by and staring in your windows in the dark anyways?
They deserve to be scared.

Dolores said...

Love your upstairs bears. I just thought of something. Do they sit close to the window and if so, won't they fade with the light?