Thursday, 6 May 2010

Votes are in

Because of the U.K. Elections, the bear missed St George's day.

He's been campaigning in the cottage window with a vote for the Soggibottom Bear Party notice.
He's had many admiring looks and we thought at one time he had a good chance of wheedling his fat little paw inside the door of No 10.

Life would be boring !
He would much prefer to live at Soggibottom and have some fun.
Playing around in the bags that I made from Dolore's pattern that she sent me a few weeks ago.

He would also miss sitting in the window.
Even though it was raining in Devon today.
So for all that wished to vote for him, thank you everyone.
But he's staying where he is, I'm not sure I could get up early in the morning to get him dressed for his appointment with the Queen anyway.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Oh, I love his outfit and he certainly looks cute
peaking out of the bag! I just love bears! I thought about making bears to sell, years ago, but I know I would have kept them all! Thanks for stopping by...

Bear Hugs~Karen

WoolenSails said...

I think he should win by cuteness, lol.
I have a naked cat, I never did anything with, maybe I should play dress up for the holidays, with it;)


Lisa said...

Just as well he didn't win. I could come and sit in the window though if he had. But I do eat so you may not keep me. ;)
LOVE the bags ;) ;) hehehehe
Hugs, Lisa

Allie said...

Well in all honesty, I think he's the best candidate around. I'd vote for him! He looks so handsome all dressed up. Midge, your bags are absolutely FABULOUS. I love that fabric!

Anonymous said...

He is a brave knight! Soooo great!

WendyCarole said...

I am sure he will be far better off living in Devon watching life go by even though he should've won

Heather said...

Good good, we certainly wouldn't want to see him corrupted by the system!

Dolores said...

I do suppose the running of the country could get boring. I would have voted for him if I could. Love the bags...Easy, huh?

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Doesn't he look fabulous?! I think he deserves a knighthood and a seat in the House of Lords (for if he goes to London). A bear always needs somewhere to sit
He looks just perfick in the Soggibottom window, acshully.

Anonymous said...

Aww he looks so patriotic! I'd vote for him as long as he ran with a weekly picnics in the woods plan.

Caroline B said...

I think he'd probably make a better go at running the country than who we have! (Who do we have by the way, anyone able to tell me?)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I feel happy that little bear gets to stay with you- where there is love. He should not go out into the cold world.
Give him some warm porage soup and a blanky as he sits by the window and he will be fine.