Friday, 28 May 2010

Howling Hound House

We all have strange weeks don't we ?

I'm not sure why some of my weeks seem stranger than others.

But yes, a strange week down here at Soggibottom, the birds have been twittering.
TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING AGAIN.... the dog over the bridge....bless his paws, has a very loud bark very early in the morning for such a small dog... not that I really mind, I can never understand why someone would want their dog to get so agitated if they really cared for them so much... GIVE HIM TO ME !

The sparrow really wants to be fed. He has enough food outside on the bird table to sink a ship.

One of "us", has been counting plums on the tree.... ha ha... never count your chickens... I really wish we had chickens...........
So does the fox that prowls our bridge early in the morning.

We have bears instead.

Could have a horse, except that I would never be up early enough for it... so for all the horse lover's........ I will think of you every morning, just about the time when the dog and the sparrows wake me up.

Garden and potato lovers................. enjoy your weekend... it's going to rain by the way........


WoolenSails said...

It seems that the critters wake up early and with our windows open, we wake up too, lol. Last night I was just about to fall asleep and it started thundering and my dog barks at thunder. So, we get to listen to that until it stopped, ugh.


Anonymous said...

Ugggggh. I love animals. I really do. But this year the family of crows nesting on the cliff face across the road have been FREAKING OUT at 2:30 - 3:00 am lately. My bedroom window faces the road.

Did I mention that I slept through a wailing smoke alarm one morning when B and Mom decided to have an impromptu fire drill? THAT'S how loud those freaking crows are, to wake me up.

(and yes, the two of them left me asleep in the house during the fire drill. I feel so loved. LOL)

I love your photos, though. They make me feel calm and warm. And you make such wonderful teddies. I'm sure these two will be going to loving homes as well?


Allie said...

I have a bird that twitters while it's still dark. Thankfully I can sleep through just about anything - but when I'm just going to sleep, and he's awake, it's awful. I can even sleep through barking dogs. Or getting a new roof put on. Or someone knocking at the door - I just let them in, scary, huh?

The bears look so sweet Midge, that could be the cover of a card!

Honey said...

Nice to hear all the sounds in the morning.
Thanks for the note on Honey. We sometimes receive emails to her site, and if I forget to switch back to Sierra Rose, posts end up getting a bit confusing!!

This one is from Golden Honey's site.

MyCretanlife said...

The birds sing their heads off here in the morning. the dogs bark all night, some nights more than others. The cockrels do their bit at 4 in the morning, but its not going to rain here. We water our garden every other day at the momment. We are picking courgettes, lettuce and STRAWBERRIES. Yummy Yummy. Love the photos.

Christine said...

Some crows like to do a dance on our roof to waken us way to early!

ittybittyandpretty said...

our neighbours bought a dog and hardly ever pay any attention to it. wish we had a little gate between our fence so that we could let it in to play. when they get home ti barks like crazy and they dont even acknowledge it. they just start drinking and smoking and making noise.
love the bears that live in your garden, they look very cuddly indeed.

Heckety said...

Love your bears, and yes, some weeks just go agin ya!
Am with you on the neglecting one's dog thing- that makes me see RED!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Lovely pics! Hope you have a great weekend, we are off to buy paint! :o)

Heather said...

Stinkin' early birds! Always showing off their work ethic. Blah.

Sue Doran said...

I've had a freaky week with wildlife, if I leave my windows open at dusk, bats fly around inside the house and last night my dog and I got attacked by a demented ferret or a stoat - I prefer day time wildlife!!

Caroline B said...

It's those open windows - must admit I prefer bird song & dog barks to the sound of drunks staggering home, which is quite often my wake-up call in the early hours during the summer.

Sue - good grief! I couldn't cope with bats in the house - the May bug onslaught we had this week was enough for me!

Anonymous said...

I've been waking up far too early with this strange thing called sunshine. The trouble is even though it's wet today I still woke early.

Maybe the dog is barking at the early birds?

Micki said...

I love animals too...all of them!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

All winter. I long for spring.
I yearn for when the mornings will have a hint of day light when its time to awaken at 5am.
I long to hear the sweet chirps of the birds waking me up.
And then, as the story goes, some of the forest around us was cut down and the birds moved closer to our farm home. Their old nests in the forest fell to the ground.
And now I must confess and I feel so guily- because those little birdies have the loudest voices and I find my self reaching up to close the window so that I can have a few more minutes of quiet sleep. These days will not last long and then again- when winter is back and the days are cold and dark- I will again yearn for the birds to sing , and the sun to shine on me as I awaken in the morning.
We do not have any neglected dogs near by- just the sound of coyotes howling.
Your post made us smile.

Anonymous said...

My dogs do not understand when the clocks change. To them, time is the same every day. So for a few weeks (yes, weeks) we make an adjustment of a few minutes here and there. At night we have lovely frog sing to listen to. I prefer their song to the birds, but I prefer waking to birds than any sort of alarm.
Neighbors used to have a rooster. Either I am used to it and sleep through or...