Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Day Happy Thoughts

The first of May started with a knock on the door from the postman.

A large envolope from Michele (yes, lucky people, there are two of us who spell our name with one L). Inside, the fabulous watercolour painting you see above of Amie.

Michele told me ages ago, she was working on a painting for a friend.
I never for one moment realised that the painting Michele was working on was from the photo of Ames. We were out and about on a beautiful day last Summer when we found a watering hole beside the river Teign. A long time ago in a doggy lady's life.

Before you get the wrong idea, Amie might be an ice cream fiend but she never drinks anything except water..... she is partial to the odd sip of champagne.

When framed Amie's portrait will go in pride of place on the cottage wall.
Amie Soto Blossom here forever.

We can't find the words to thank Michele for her unexpected and treasured gift.
May Day Happy Thoughts.

I can't keep Michele's art to myself, click HERE or click on Amie's portrait to see more of Michele's fantastic painting skill.

Thank you for all your happy May Day thoughts, hope you all have a perfect day.


Lisa said...

Oh that is amazing! I know you love it! I so want one of Casey and have the exact picture I want it done from. I only found one but it is $175 and I cannot swing that right now. You are so lucky to have that one! ENJOY!!
Hugs, Lisa

Dolores said...

Honest to goodness, I thought 'what a gorgeous photo' of Amie and here you tell me it is a work of art. Truly beautiful.

Allie said...

WOW - what a lovely portrait! She's captured Amie perfectly! At first I thought it was a photo, my goodness the girl has talent!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That portrait is so awsome, I thought it was Amie in real life.
Your friend did an amazing job@
What a wonderful gift
What a wonderful friend,

Caroline B said...

Ahh, what a lovely gesture! I'm so glad you have a portrait of Amie now - it's a good one too.

(Lisa, come visit my website - I can quote you a better deal than that!)
(Sorry Midge, shouldn't use your blog for advertising!!!)

Mark and Becka said...

What an incredible painting! we love it! :->

Anonymous said...

Love it she has captured Amie perfectly. How thrilling!

♦Down Willow Lane♦ said...

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Shelley said...

That is such a lovely painting of Amie! She's a gorgeous girl!

WoolenSails said...

Wow, I thought it was a photo of Amie and then looked again and realized it was a painting. She does beautiful work. Anyone can paint a dog, but to capture her spirit like that, that is a gift. What a wonderful friend.


Linda said...

wonderful portrait, if I can get mum to add a sidecar, you are more than welcome to share a ride with me. Prince.Woofs

Micki said...

What a thoughtful gift and what a great likeness!