Monday, 24 May 2010

Embarrassing cat !

I make all sizes of bears as you can see, this one is sitting on a Gunner leaf that makes her look slightly smaller. This plant has grown so much over the last few glorious days of sunshine.

The whole garden is closely planted with all my favorite cottage plants. The roses aren't out yet but they are in bud. Although I know the plants have loved the sun, the sun shy took cover.

Sitting in the coolest spots.

I thought I would share this year's garden with you. It's "this year's", because it changes from year to year.
It seeds itself apart from the odd thing that I plant/cram in.
Our bad Winter has finished off two 16 year old potted orange tree's that were under cover as they are every Winter. I've left them still in their huge pots, hoping that they might recover. Even with the kiss of life they might struggle.

Taking the photo's this afternoon, Frank was lurking around as usual.
Embarrassing cat.
He's washing his legs....... it could be his legs !


WendyCarole said...

love the little bear in the Gunnar leaf

The garden looks beautiful sorry to hear about the orange trees

Lisa said...

Cats are like that!! hehehehe
Lovely garden! Enjoy!
Hugs, Lisa

WoolenSails said...

Love the teddy on the leaf, would be fun to create something from that photo. Also love Biscuit. Bears in the garden are so fun for company;)


Dolores said...

Amie looks so cozy in the shade. How big/little is that bear? And how big is the leaf?
I love your garden. Are any of the plants fragrant? This past weekend I walked through a lilac garden with so many different varieties - not all of which I would like in mine.

Allie said...

Soo so cute - how I love your cottage garden, Midge! Looks like Amie is enjoying it too.
And yes, it's his leg. Gotta be his leg.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love your Cottage Garden.
It is so cheerful and welcoming.
I think we might come and sit and have a cup of tea,,, please.
Of course we would like some bears and Ames for company.
So lovely. The Gunner Leaf- we have one toooo! The little bear is looking so comfortables,
What a show off little kitty I must say.
Where are the rabbits? I do not see any rabbits. They must be hiding - waiting to come out and get some carrots.

Anonymous said...

Aww a gorgeous bear holding a little pink bear- how sweet! I will have to introduce you to Coniston and Grassmere my 2 tiny bears. Do you want a knitting pattern for a movable mini bear?

LOL never work with children or animals.

Laura Sparling said...

Don't you just love how cats just don't care what us humans think and that everything they do is on their terms? I love animals with a mind of their own.

That little bear is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

That is the type of garden I need. Self seeding. I can add water, or talk to plants, but to actually start something from seed, or even change a pot... not my forte.
Cats love to pose, although maybe not as you would like to see.

Sandee said...

What an inviting garden! The only things I seem to be able to grow successfully are weeds. It's a good thing I have Jack; he has the green thumb. Who knows what color mine is!

Caroline B said...

Your garden is so much further ahead than mine, although it's getting there. Wish I had the room to grow a gunnera but it would fill half the garden!
At least you know your cat's bits are clean...
I see one of my other blogging pals has found her way here - Hi Laura!!

Shelley said...

Your garden looks so delightful and beautiful! A great place to relax and read a book! And also to pet the beautiful Amie Soto!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! Your garden is full of green already, amazing. I hope your orange trees perk up, would be such a shame to lose them.


Angela Richardson said...

I love your garden, such a shame about your orange trees. This lovely sunshine has really brought everything out, we deserve it after such a long winter.
I'm looking out for you, thanks for coming to visit the Mouse House!
Keep smiling,

Heckety said...

Some cats are like some children, see a camera and they do something dreadful. We had a dog many years ago who put on this sort of 'longsuffering noble' look whenever we took out the camera!! I love your courtyard, its lovely- I love places stuffed with plants. Shame about your trees though they may recover yet?

Honey said...
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Honey said...
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Sierra Rose said...

Hi ya!! Opps from above! (Signed in as GOlden Honey...)
Lovely garden! Has that unique cottage feeling. Peaceful!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose