Friday, 21 May 2010

Designer dog sweaters/jumpers

Now how cute can you get ?
This is Molly.
Do we wish she was here at Soggibottom ? oh yes, little cutie.
Molly is a rescue dog, can you believe that?
Molly your on the wrong blog....................... you need to be on Pupylov with Lisa

Here she is wearing her pink, sweater/jumper, I'm still not sure how I came to knit this, but I do know that I have to knit a red one for Christmas, maybe with some pink in.
Pleased that it fitted. I promise not to tell everyone your waist measurement Molly.

Molly also had a Soggibottom label in her sweater.
Molly knows she only wears designer gear.

Here's a very long standing friend of Amie's. Zak.
Also another rescue dog.
Before you ask, no, Zak isn't the kind of guy who wears poofy sweaters/jumpers. Especially at his age.

He has Flint to keep him warm anyway.

The calf ?
I thought I would give you a tip :-
When cooing over a calf don't get so near that they lick your face.

I really wanted to take her home, the image of a very large cow trying to sit on my lap eating dog cookies stopped me.


Anonymous said...

Awww! I want to take them all home. The cow can mow the lawn and provide poo for the garden. Hehe.

Sierra Rose said...

What a very stylish sweater! And, great photos of all these furrie pals, including lickey calf! Never met one of those :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Allie said...

Molly looks so lovely in her custom sweater - wonderful job dear one! Zak and Flint are SO handsome.

Thanks for the mental picture of the calf on your lap, lol - that's too funny!

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

very sweet photo's! How can you stand not to get so close for a kiss from a little calf so sweet?

And that sweater-beautiful! Makes me wish I could knit! So many times sweaters don't fit right and tend to bind or ride up. A custom fir to "waist size" sounds brilliant!

Maizey says hi to amie soto blossom!

Anonymous said...

Aww calves- such sweet milky breath. :-)

Nice to meet some of Amie's pals.

Lovely coat you knitted for Molly. What a sweetie.

Just read a short story by Kij Johnson about "...Dogs of North Park..." (title hugely long) where suddenly dogs could talk and some humans couldn't cope with the change. I have a feeling that these dogs would only say kind things.

Caroline B said...

How cute Molly looks indeed! Love those big boys Zak & Flint though, that's my kind of dog!
I threaten Clovis with a hand-knit sweater on a regular basis, but I haven't found a suitable design with which to humiliate him yet. Probably never will, as he hates his coats - a jumper would probably tip him over the edge!

We discovered just how spitty cows can be after a close encounter with a Highland Longhorn bull once...yuck!

WoolenSails said...

My dog isn't into fashion either, lol.
I have seen some really funny outfits though.


Lisa said...

Oh this is cute!! I put Ami on Molly's Pink Saturday post too! The one with her sweater on! Thanks again for the designer duds!! Molly Loves it! You are a doll to offer!!
Hugs, Lisa

Dolores said...

Oh the calf's a cutie. Amie's friends are so loveable - I want to take them all home.
I didn't see the Soggibottom label - I blew up the photo too but maybe I'm blind.

Soggibottom said...

I was mugged by "Molly" :-)
x x x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my goodness!
You knitted that awsome sweater? It has sleeves and a zipper!!!!
It is gorgeous. What a lucky Molly to have that sweater.
You do so much- how do you do all this?
Thank you for showing us Ames friends. She is such a sweetie, I know her friends are too.
I hope all the forest animals are being nice to the little calf, and that your giving them all lots of carrots.