Thursday, 5 June 2008

A two hour walk, beach and ice cream

When Amie wants to go for a walk where do you take her?

To a South Devon Beach in June, and finish off with ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

the other day i got back earlier than expected and i found my dog (a jack russel) just putting the phone down and i picked up the phone and pressed redial and i heard "canine rickshaw service how can i help" and i didnt tell murphy that i had cottoned up but then later the dog went outside and i looked out the window and he got onto a little rickshaw being peddled by another terrier, and then a few hours later murphy came back and was wobbling about and looking slightly dishevelled and later was sick in his own bed and i wish he would be more communicative about his plans because its rude to get back late and cause a fuss when i am trying to sleep.