Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Frankie de tabby

As you might notice Frank isn't a tabby cat. But his mum was, his dad was a large fluffy black cat who used to roam around Godalming in Surrey. Frank roams around Soggibottom Cottage, thoroughly spoilt, large and fluffy. We know the blue birds fledged, but we also know at least one of them didn't get very far. It had a good burial under the apple tree. Photo's of the culprit and some recent ones of the back garden. It's only his white whiskers that make him look innocent. Believe us HE IS NOT.


Anonymous said...

nah! rubbish, I bet he's a pussy cat.

Anonymous said...

a pussycat i ain't ever been pal, believe me i'm a real tuf bird eating, mole squashing, mouse murdering moggi.
Mind you , i am partial to the odd slice of asda's ham or the occasional helping of sainsbury's prawns!!( or that stupid dog's tea, if it ain't looking)

wanna piece of me?