Friday, 13 June 2008

time to dig up spuds

We dug up some potatoes today. Yum. Yum. Not just us smacking our lips , we also disturbed ants and the blackbird had a great time raiding the nest.


Kram said...

Wow that's a lot of roast dinners in their!

adam and the said...

in the summer when it gets hot and the temperature reaches its hottest all the ants launch their flying ants to go and find new nests and there are big flying ants everywhere and they fall out the sky and land on your arms and hands and they are running all around on the pavements.

i dont know how they all know how to fly at the same time, the nests must all be plugged into some informational device such as an ant radio or the anternet. i dont see how they can feel the warmth and think 'right lads, lets go' because they all do it at the same time. i need to get to the bottom of this. ask your blackbird what he knows. use 'appropriate measures' to make him talk.

scawark the blackbird said...

to all take to the air in unison it takes ANTisipation, a good ANTtenna, dry pANTs and fANTastic co-ordinANTion, and, of course some fANTastic warm weather.
By the way, those tits who put out all my food let me use their computitator (I've emailed the RSPB about that hairy black cat that keeps knocking off my mates)

mr potato head said...

Yes, at first glance, an innocent tub of potatoes. At second glance, one might notice that some particularly offensive potato bullying is going on. Just take a look at that poor couple who have been subject to untold batterings by the rest. Shameful. All those eyes yet no one saw a thing. I hope they get a roasting.