Sunday, 22 June 2008

Haven't had bears on here for a while

This bear sits over the stairwell in the cottage. I quite like her looking at you as you walk down the stairs. I made her out of scraps of string mohair left over from a bear made for an animal sheltars open day. I liked her so much I kept her. Promise there will be more bears, I have orders for bears - people are waiting for bears - I promise to start bearing in the morning.

Amie doesn't do bears. So I'm on my own with my orders.


Anonymous said...

when i am on the phone and some utilities company is trying to get 'my details' up on 'the computer' and they say 'bear with me' i imagine one of these bears being with them (although I imagine the bear hitting them over the head with a frying pan which i also imagine is against their nature so I am in a sort of imaginational conflict and need help, bear with me)

Anonymous said...

You never know what ol' Father Christmas will bring you do you.