Saturday, 27 August 2011

Soggibottom EATABLES, sea horses, August Bank holiday.

The season is coming to an end, we have a full freezer, we are now giving vegetables away. You only have to knock at the door or ask............

There are other ways of keeping plums and tomato's....... I know I should have included a recipe or two here......

Our plum tree outdid itself this year. "One of us", lost count after a time as to how many plums the tree had.
Freya can't count, but they looked interesting. It was my fault, I had left something beside the coffee table, Freya has Cavalier climbing genes.

August Bank Holiday started with a walk along the beach at Babbacombe. It's a windy road to reach the car park, one of our favorite haunts to watch suba divers in the clear water. My suba diving days are long over, the English Channel is also too cold for me, no matter what dry suit or wet suit. I'm a kind of snorkel and flipper girl anyway. Flipper as in one. One always fell off.

Even with cloudy views along our South Devon Coastline, it's always a good place to spend an evening.

There really are sea horses down there, I promise you.

It's not so long since we were here, the land slide is a part of the ever eroding coast line. Notice the house at the top. You might have to double click to get a bigger picture.

Where ever you are during August Bank Holiday, have a great time, most of all keep safe, I know of Typhoons in Tiawan and we all know in the Northern part of the World we are all watching a certain hurricane.

Freya is growing into a beautiful little dog, you can catch up with her on her blog, THE CAT FLAP CAVALIER. 


Christine said...

A bumper harvest at the soogy end of the village! you've been well occupied!
Freya clearly has a good nose...
Enjoy the bank holiday!

Joanna said...

You've been busy. Enjoy your harvent.

WoolenSails said...

Love your photos, stuck in house, so I can travel with you;) I am finally getting ripe tomatoes, now lets hope the wind doesn't knock them all over. Big kiss to freya.


Sue said...

As lovely as the view from that house must be, I don't think I'd care to live there. I'd have nightmares of sliding into the water.

We're keeping an eye on the storm. I have family and friends in the midst of it.

Dolores said...

We have Labour Day next week so that's our long weekend. Is that really red dirt in that land slide? I wouldn't live in that house. It's too scary having to think that one day you may be sliding down. Hope Freya likes plums.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Midge
Your jars are decorated so pretty.
It could be a greeting card!
How do you have time for this?
I can only imagine the aroma as it fills your house!
That little puppy Freya is getting so beautiful!
I wish we could see a seahorse. Do you ever take one home? Are they friendly? Do they travel in herds or pods?


Allie said...

What a lovely harvest Midge! Wish I COULD knock at the door and ask, lol. That landslide looks scary, sure wouldn't want to be in the house up there. Sea horses - wish I could see that!!! I bet Freya would like to see one up close and personal.

Caroline B said...

Wish I could knock at your door & get some veg too - mine is a washout! Glad to see you have managed to dodge the showers this week...I'm considering building an ark up here in soggy Hampshire!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow look at all your lovely yummy plump plums!!! How wonderful!! Awww great to see little Freya doing some quality control too! Awwww she's adorable!!! I hope you have a glorious bank holiday too - you live in a most beautiful part of England - stunning! Hello to Frank too! Take care x

Christine said...

You've been a busy girl Midge! Love the beautiful labels on your jars; very nice touch. Little Freya is growing by leaps and bounds. Quite the little beauty she is!

Houseelf said...

Someone has to have written "1001 things to do with fruit trees". I could almost open a fruit themed ball park with the amount we already have in and the trees are bent heavy with the lot still on them. I wonder if the trees have gone great guns this year because of the severe Winter we've just had- sort of Mother Nature overproducing just in case the trees get killed off?

LOL Freya- she's got to learn somehow.

It's typical Bank Hols weather here- only fit for hibernating in.

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

I agree with Tweedles!! Where do you find all the time; bear care, chasing Frank (sorry Frank), preserves, new puppy and so much more. Hmph, I want a recipe ;)

Victoria said...

Hello my English friend! I have been so bad at blogging this summer, I can't believe it's almost over now and heading toward Fall.

I would totally be knocking on your door for some veggies if I was close by! Nothing like homegrown veggies:)

I will be sure to post lots of pics when we get back from my brothers!