Saturday, 12 June 2010

Trooping the Colour in June

In the garden, with a bear or watching Trooping the Colour at Horseguards Parade ?

On the second Saturday in June the ceromony known as "Trooping the Colour" takes place at
Horseguards Parade, which is at the back of 10 Downing street, in London.

One of the Queen's guard regiments has it's Regimental Colours or Battle Honours paraded and rededicated in front of the Queen on her Birthday.

This year it was the turn of the Grenadier Guards.
Military band music, marching, colour, pomp and tradition.

The Queen used to ride a large black horse, dressed in the uniform of the Colonel in Chief of the participating guards regiment.

I suppose age catches up with all of us, even the Queen.
The Queen now she rides in an open carriage, from Buckingham Palace to Horseguards and back again.

It all goes on for about an hour and a half, no wonder there is a chair to sit down on.

No chance for the horses to take a break though. Working horses at their best.

If your wondering what the bear has to do with Trooping the Colour...
The bear is made from something that I find very difficult to come across now.
English Mohair. Standing in a line comes second.


MyCretanlife said...

How very British. The queen is doing well for her age, she must take after her mother. Congrats on winning my giveaway.

Anonymous said...

A friend went down to see it. I have a soft spot for those well trained horses. Glad it didn't rain on them and all their tack.

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Ah Mom should probably know more about this then she does being Canadian! Love the photos of the horses.

P.S. I do get pincones tangled in my ears all the time. Mom groans when I do ;)
<3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About

Tweedles -- that's me said...

English Mohair.
Now that brings up a question.
Where does Mohair come from? An animal? A plant?
Your photos and your bloggy are awsome!
I think the bear might be blowing kisses to those who look in the window!

Dolores said...

Just saw a snippet of this on the news tonight. Celebrating the Queen's birthday.

Caroline B said...

Tweedles, herds of English Mo roam wild on Salisbury Plain...they are very small but very hairy and the coat is shorn during the Spring Equinox and spun by country folk......nah, I don't know where mohair comes from either!!

MO said...

Great herds of wild mo roam the plains here during the winter months,during the spring they are rounded up by the local mo ranglers,then sheared by specialy trained mo mowers, whose average height is 2ft 3ins,as the shears they use are only 3ins long.The moHAIR, is then cured in long moing sheds, and sorted into its verious colours by the mo sorters, then shipped out to the shops by moTOR.

Heckety said...

We were taken to see the Trooping the Colour in the '70s when we lived near London and it was so exciting we almost wished we were English!! It was especially exciting to see the Queen and yes, she was on horseback then! It really is a spectacle- if there's something the British do well, its Ceremony!

Lisa said...

Oh we have tons of the English Mohair here ;) Just order it! lol
Hugs, Lisa