Saturday, 5 June 2010

Where to site a bee box with a link to free plans and instructions of how to build one..

I know many from all over the world have visited Soggibottom's post of how to build a bee box. It's a great thought, there are bee boxes in palm tree's and pine forests all over the world.
Time has flown, it's nearly a year since we put our first bee box up in the Soggibottom garden.

The box has been so busy with bee's coming back and forth that the Soggibottom carpenter has built another box.
The new box is sited where we used to have a bird nesting box, high on a fence facing South West. The bird box relocated to a safer place away from Frank our cat who loved to sit under it with his mouth open, waiting patiently.

Bee's naturally look out for nesting sites along the edges of hedges or fences. Preferably facing South or South West.
This one is high on the fence but it also faces a wall on the other side of the enclosed garden, giving the box shelter.
We normally have honeysuckle that over laps the fence, it's starting to grow back after it was cut back while the fence was painted. By Autumn the new box will be covered in honeysuckle again.

There are many different types of bee around the world, bee numbers seem to be declining. Explanations including disease, habitat loss and pesticides.
So every tiny bit of help you give helps the world, not just your own garden.
No bee's, no flowers, fruit or vegetables.

I know bugs aren't for everyone, but this is a bug we try to help and encourage.
The boxes are ideal places for them to raise their young and over Winter.
They tend to block up the holes of the canes inside the box.

A well positioned bee box in a garden full of attractive plants and you're about as close to creating a 5 star attraction for a bee as you can get.

Bees love lavender, best of all sunflowers.
You can also give the birds the sunflower seeds, after picking a few flowers for yourself.

It's hard to believe that without the bee we would have no young apples on our apple tree.

No growing grapes on the vines.

No plums.

Bee's love the colour blue and purple.

The link of how to build a bee box is on the right of the screen.
As much as I love bees I wouldn't suggest you pick them up and give them a cuddle.


WoolenSails said...

Attracting bees is not a problem in my yard, lol.
We have honey bees, ground bees, hornets, wasps and a couple of bumble bees who seem to think the back porch is theirs;)


Tweedles -- that's me said...

This is such a cool idea.
Everyone needs a home- even the bees.
We do have beees.
And some bad bees that we wish would move away. I think killer bees might be coming to our house,
Some bees are agressive and chase me.
I like honey bees and I would like to find their honey

Caroline B said...

We have so many bees in our garden all over the ceanothus blossom. I've been thinking about buying a bee box - no way could I make one, it would be a bee slum if I did it, and attract entirely the wrong class of bee.

Sparky said...

Something else the soggibottom carpenter has done.

WendyCarole said...

some great pictures. Thanks for the link to how to build a bee box I have sent the link ito you know who.

Biddle says can he come andd watch cricket in the park with Soggibottom bear? He is wearing his jumper too.

purplecat said...

A very worthy idea to have a bee box, I can't believe how they are under such threat,Here we are thinking of stopping people bringing bees into the Island to protect the bees here, as so far they are healthy.
Thanks for the comments on my blog, and yes the beach at the bottom of the road is lovely :)

Myra said...

Very interesting! I didn't know you could build a hotel for bees! Good for you two! 8-)

Anonymous said...

I love bees. My Grandmother used to say you had to tell your bees your news. They love the lavender hedges in the front garden. When the time to reap it for lav bags comes I work alongside them and have never been stung. Lovely critters.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Brilliant! We have lots of bees visiting our garden and I have asked DH to build a bee hotel this year.

Lisa said...

How great! No wonder you have such a lovely garden!!
Hugs, Lisa

Sheila said...

I do love this idea. I will most def make a few of these. maybe it will keep them out of the roof of the house. Thanks so much. Oh and no i was not amused with the plumber. lol.. Sheila

Raggy Rat said...

we have a bee box on our south facing wall - no residents yet ....