Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dalai Lama arrives at Soggibottom

Almost the height of Summer and as always

it's a bit of a circus down here at the cottage.

The stream meanders merrily on it's way as usual.

Clematis climb the walls.

Our bridge stands as strongly as ever as it has for over 311 Summers.

Someone is always looking in at the bear in the window.
The bear is always waiting patiently for whoever passes.
No matter who they are.

Looks like there is a new follower on Soggibottom's twitter page.
Yes, some of you know it's my twitter page, as there you are.

The Dalai Lama has finally arrived down here at Soggibottom.

Out of all those clicks and he follows us. 421.500 Followers.

I hope everyone remembers the saying about when the cows come home.

Post Note:- Not that many of you were impressed then ?
Did I ever think otherwise ? :-) Good to dream eh !


Victoria said...

I love the view the bear has out of that window...gorgeous!!!

Lisa said...

Well you know you are worth following ;)
Hugs, Lisa♥

Faye Henry said...

Lovely pics of a gorgeous place...What do they say about cows? LOL..
Have a great weekend..

Shelley said...

Such a sweet bear! And how amazing that the Dalai Lama is following you!

Dolores said...

Oh my, Soggibottom is famous!

Caroline B said...

Really? How amazing - invite him round for tea!

MyCretanlife said...

Living out here I don't know about twitter. does that surprise you? Lovely pics and woo is that how old your bridge is? Good luck with the giveaway x

Anonymous said...

What sweet calves.

LOL - your new follower. How on earth does he manage to follow so many. Perhaps it is a deep mysticism thing?

Bears and windows- perfect!

Sandee said... do you follow the Dalai Lama? I enjoy his words of peace, love, harmony and his wisdom.
Your cottage grounds are so beautiful and I imagine it takes a lot of work to keep it all looking so lovely.