Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Alpacas in Wiltshire, picnic and a potato

I did promise not to share all the photo's taken over the weekend, but thought you might like to share the Tilly May and the Amie Soto Blossom picnic experience before you see the rest of the post.

Don't think Amie really wanted to wash up somehow.

Or wear Tilly May's boots.

You always know when it's time to go home don't you ?

Amie has slept for two days by the way. But great to see her so active, if only for an hour or so !

A big thank you to Caroline from Uniqart for my potato painting.

From Caroline's blog give a way into my hands.
Thanks Caroline for making Tony, Amie and I so welcome as we nipped in on route to Devon. As always, just passing by.
Sorry for all the potato jokes I have given you over the months, you took everyone so well.
When is the next give a way of your beautiful art?
If you click here for Caroline's blog you can travel over and see for yourself.

It might not take you the amount of time it took us on Sunday to get home again.

Don't you just love detours ?

They are Alpacas, I had to take another look out of the car window to make sure.
As the traffic was moving I couldn't get you a closer look. If I double click on the picture it enlarges it, so give it a try. Forgive my laziness for not doing it myself for you.
I never knew they had Alpacas in Wiltshire.
The hour detour did go on a bit, trying to find another route along narrow country roads, in the end we decided to go with the flow of the traffic.

Wouldn't have seen the Alpacas.

Might have missed the sunset, sometimes detours aren't that bad.

Home sweet home... ah sweet potato ....................


Lisa said...

LOve the potato pic!! How great is Tilly May!!! Ami was a trooper! Loved how intent she was on the food! hehehe Glad you had a nice visit!
Hugs, Lisa

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think I can still hear Amie snooring after all that excitment.
It does take awhile to recoop.
We have Alpacas too!
That was a gorgous sunset. Last night our sky was ablaze with brilliant red.
What a cool potatoe
Nitey nite

Allie said...

The pics of Tilly May and Amie are just too, too precious! Look how cute she is washing up. And laying down next to Amie.

Love the pic of you and Caroline. That potato painting is AMAZING. She's a grand artist!

Love the alpacas too, their wool is so soft. Wonder if they sell it near there. Yes, detours can be a lovely thing sometimes!

Caroline B said...

No wonder Amie was worn out by the time she reached us - all that excitement!
It was wonderful to meet you all - it was a fun afternoon and I am so glad my dog didn't eat your dog...
Alpacas on the horiozon - how cool is that!

Anonymous said...

Love the potato. Would you believe I don't think I know a single potato joke!

I think your detour was great. Hubby trembles when I suggest a shortcut with my pink OS maps. :-) Sarn Helen in Wales was a good one.

Looks like Amie had a wonderful time.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Lovely pics! and the gk's are gorgeous!

I'm making a bear from alpaca fabric. It's so soft and warm to the touch. (No alpacas will be harmed in the making of this bear!)

Myra said...

Amie and Tilly May are adorable together!
Nice potato...?... lol! 8-)
Looks like a nice drive...

Raggy Rat said...

oi caroline - WRONG BLOG !!!
hehe i like that pic of you, you guys look like sisters !

nice spud !