Monday, 19 January 2009

Money Tree

I had to inspect the greenhouse, it has been neglected for weeks.
Really surprised that the plants in there are better than I thought.
Money Tree, if only!

We have a new colour by the way.
Start of another year, good to have a change (and I was messing around and couldn't get the other one back).


Anonymous said...

Can't empathize. Just spent an hour thrusting my snowblower into mounds of snow, making room for more.

A greenhouse sounds very English. Nice business.

Anonymous said...

My money plants are doing great! I forget to water them sometimes, but they pull through. I am not making much from them, just a few bob to rent some dvds and once I bought a portion of chips. I got 8p this morning which came in handy when buying a single envelope in the post office to post a standing order to barclays. Sometimes the corns aren't right though, and they are only useful in vending & parking machines. Anyway the plants are happy enough and looking splendid.