Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Mohair and onions?
Bear makers will know what I am up to.
Saying that, I haven't got up to anything yet as i took this pic a couple of days ago.
Might need a few more onions.


Anonymous said...

Mo onions for your mo hair?

Nyuck, nyuck.

I personally think it would be difficult to have too many onions. Some of my male relatives don't share that view, I discovered, when we went on a fishing weekend, and I made a breakfast of 75% scrambled eggs and 25% diced onions. They turned even more surly when I innocently asked, "Did everyone get enough onions?"

It's enough to make you cry.

craftpile said...

I am very curious what bear makers know!

Anonymous said...

Amy... wait and see!
Michele x

Raggy Rat said...

know your onions :-D

and stay away from rabbits LOL

soggybottom rabbits, maybe?