Saturday, 14 July 2012

Karina's Soggibottom Give a way.

There are some things I love to distraction, most of all.... my other half and all three of our kids.

Everyone already knows that anything with four paws that lives here gets extra treatment too.

Karina is, as most of all that follow Soggibottom's blog know..... is....
Supposed to be recovering from her foot operation. I say supposed, because she will never actually do as we suggest......
Karina always has, always will do, exactly her own thing. this I understand very well... I haven't a clue as to where she gets her stubbornness from........ I am so pleased she has that extra special gene that makes her special,  that makes her take a stand and stands out from the norm, and won't let things beat her. MY GIRL.

I always like to remind everyone that the cottage is called Soggibottom and it's not my name or a particular nickname that either Tony or I have. Soggibottom is the 17th Century Cottage, in the South of Devon.

The name makes you smile though, doesn't it ?

Thanks guys for all your good wishes over that last few weeks for Karina, I have passed every single comment on to her.

In a phone conversation, she said she would like to thank every one.

This morning I had a small package through our door, delivered by our very special postman. Who I aim to do a very special post for.

Karina is far better than I will ever will be with beads, you already know she welds a paint brush when she feels well enough to do so like a Cavalier, I don't paint, or do beads...

Karina and I used to have a pact, you draw it, I can sew it.

This giveaway is from our darling daughter.
It's going to run for a week.. oh, so many photo's I can cram into that time..

Freya will still be in training for the Olympics on her blog CATFLAP CAVALIER 
Karina's giveaway ends 7.00 p.m. 22nd July GMT.
There are some who already have an entry, just by wishing Karina well and sending all their love.........
I know who you are, don't worry ..

As usual, you have to add Karina's giveaway, either to your blog or your side bar and make a comment to be entered. AND MOST OF ALL, BE A FOLLOWER OF SOGGIBOTTOM...

Where ever you are in the world be cool and if your around our part of the world keep dry...

Karina would love these.... saved from the rain in our garden... Ah, shame babes...
Going to see you soon-) x x x    x x x   x x x x

Luvs to distraction. XXXXXXXXXXX


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Karina is feeling well! I think I know who she gets her stubbornness from... ;)

She's been in our prayers here across the pond, as have you all. XOXO

Joanna said...

That is a lovely necklace. How do you guys manage all of the talent you possess? Thank you, Karina, and I hope you feel a bit better each day. Picture and link posted on my blog.

Allie said...

Oh bless her heart....yes, she does take after her mum, doesn't she? *G* I hope creating keeps some of the boredom at bay, it's almost as bad as the pain when you're recovering.

Caroline B said...

Glad Karina is on the mend - brilliant opportunity to be creative without feeling guilty about neglecting the housework! Tell her to listen to the doctors but follow her instincts too.
Beats me, I don't know where she gets it from either....;0)

Mary Ann Tate said...

Lovely necklace. Karina is so talented just like her mum:)

Please send me some rain. It is desperately hot here.

Dolores said...

All the best to Karina in her recovery. Looks like she still has to be creative. Good for her.
Our grass is dead and even though they keep saying "possibility of rain," I don't believe them until I see it.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Midgie
Karina is a one of a kind, and she is a tuff cookie! Stubborn? A gene that came from her mom was it?
Stubborness is a gift- that means she is a fighter.. And from all that you have mentioned about her,, she has so much grit- none of us can compare to her.
What a beautiful post!
The beads are gorgeous

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I think Karina is tough! Stubborn? Maybe....I believe she gets part of her talent from her MUM!....I do hope she is healing fast. She does have the knack for jewelry making, love the necklace!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

Houseelf said...

I didn't have an image of you in Tenna Ladies once. Nope not ever. LOL I'm sure it is Karina's grit which keeps her going and defying the odds. :-) Can't be hereditary can it? ;-)

Gorgeous necklace.

Sue said...

You certainly raised a talented girl. We love her paintings. I always show them to Rob when you post them and now I find out that she makes jewelry, too.
Talent runs in your family, that's for sure.

Katie Isabella said...

How beautiful a necklace. Thank you so much for the visit today.