Friday, 13 July 2012

The charm of snails and Foxes

Little snail was popular, I might go and hunt him down and send you all your own individual photo.
No one asked what we do with snails... ... we relocate them in a container and put them over the other side of the park.away from the cottage, there they can munch their hearts out and not eat my plants.
Trouble being, I'm sure they're all homing snails and find their way back again.

We used to relocate long eared field mice that we used to catch in our rabbit shed.
We used a humane mouse trap. My kids would carefully place the trap with the intact cute mouse in a carrier bag and head off to the fields at the back of our house. They would pass a row of cottages where our beautiful older generation neighbours would always make a fuss of the kids and ask what they were carrying so carefully. It was always great to see them retreat from the carrier bag at a fast pace when they knew what was inside.  I think the mice would make it home before my kids. The little black cat we had at the time called Tiddles (because she was so small) was dead scared of mice.

This is a cottage we passed the other day. Notice anything different about it on the roof ?

The Thatcher's mark... This thatcher must have been called Mr Fox
As for the bus at the top of the post, it helps to be in front of something bigger than you when travelling down our lanes.

Have a great weekend, all snail solutions and idea's greatly welcome.
Who said throw them over the next door neighbour's fence ? You can find Linda here.

Freya is over at Catflap Cavalier testing out beaches for her digging competition. 


WoolenSails said...

Just love your photos and your area, and a lot of things that are similar to New England, thus the name, lol. Hot here and cloudy, but no rain, rain would be fine but no, we are getting it on the weekend, when I don't want it.


Old Kitty said...

Awwww I'm so glad you gather the snails and place them GENTLY!! LOL! on another patch! Yay for you! Me I just let them roam around and hope for hedgehogs or jays - I did see a jay once banging a snail's shell against a tree trunk - hope all the effort was worth it! LOL! I love watching snails - they come out in all sort of shell colours and sizes - absolutely fascinating creatures! And hoorah capturing mices humanely too!

Tiddles sounds so adorable!

I thought that creature on the thatched roof was a monitor lizard...!

Take care

Allie said...

Love that thatched roof! Do they all do that? Very cool. I think you're brave to relocate the wildlife - I just stay inside and ignore it, or watch through the window. *G*

Al said...

Those are great photos, I love the thatched roof.