Saturday, 7 July 2012

Free Rag Doll Pattern update.

With so much wet weather here this week, there really is only one thing to do and that's be inside and finish pending projects.
This is the little doll I showed a couple of posts back.

I got carried away with denim this week and made another doll as I think they look good in pairs on here. They both have homes to go to by the way..

So here we are in July.... the height of Summer in Devon at the moment.

Freya's normal beach walk has been slightly different, she has had the whole beach to herself.
Normally in July there are children playing on the beach, holiday makers making the most of the sun.

Jake's coming to stay soon so he had better bring some sun with him.
The update from Karina's operation is that Karina still can't put weight on her foot for at least another month.
Foot up at all times. Things are slowly healing. When she told me this week she was bored, a good sign that she is starting to feel better. Mum's know these things.

Beach Freya ?

Want to go out Frank ?

You can see Freya over at  CATFLAP CAVALIER in training for the dog Olympics and  Frank de tabby  on his face book page.

Tomorrow we have booked  two front row seats in front of our TV watching the men's finals at Wimbledon. IN THE DRY. Where ever you are this weekend have a great time, sun or no sun, rain or dry. 


WoolenSails said...

Is that where all of the rain went, lol.
We got about 5 minutes this afternoon, but enough to bring in a nice breeze and some cooler temps.


Dolores said...

Cute little dolls. Give Freya a hug from the Canadian gang. We'll shove some sun and hot weather your way so Freya can have a dry beach.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hope you are staying nice and dry down there. xxx

Sue said...

I love the little dolls!!!

I'll bet Freya is looking forward to a visit by her little buddy.

I wish I was walking on that wonderful beach. IT's too hot here to stick our noses out the door.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

you really had me going for a minute,, i thought your front row seats were real! (at the stadium)

the raggady dolls are sooo cute!