Tuesday, 5 October 2010

singing seagulls in Dartmouth

Never stand on railway lines.
This is the railway line we cross to catch the ferry over to Dartmouth.

Although Soggibottom cottage is inland it's still not far from the sea.
Seagulls tend to fly over rather than land around the garden, we never have problems with them. A few miles down the road they are known as flying rats. Not their fault. People invading their space.

Mew really hates the sound of singing seagulls.
Every time I play this video she is up and alert, hard as it might seem to everyone to imagine an alert Mew Cat.

I'm not sure what the seagull is singing but what ever it is it must be about the sea.
Or maybe about my fish and chips I was munching as it watched me with rat like beady little eye's.


Dolores said...

He was summoning his friends to come over hoping you would drop some food. You really should have taken that course on Seagull Songs 101 when it was offered. ;-)

Allie said...

I love the sound of seagulls - it takes me right to the beach when I hear them sing. Oddly enough, we have huge cornfields in the middle of the state FILLED with seagulls - two hours from the water!

Shelley said...

That seagull was singing for a bite of your fish & chips I bet! Love Mew's fur - such a pretty kitty!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Of course Midge, the seagull was asking for you chips.
Probably the same seagull we saw 2 weeks ago at the Oregon coast.
I shared my french fries with him, and yes,,, he wants more,, that silly bird with the beady eyes!
tee hee hee

Caroline B said...

Dolores is right, I recognise that noise - it means 'Here be food mates! Come quick!'
When we lived in the Channel Islands, a seagull used to take position on a telegraph pole at lunchtime because from there he could see through the kitchen window, through the dining hatch into the dining room and as soon as my dad got up to scrape the leftovers together, the gull would swoop down to the lawn and be the first to get fed. He was also known to tap at the window when peckish...

Anonymous said...

We have gulls like that. When the weather is bad they fly lower than the houses here. Once one dropped some KFC on me. I just shouted up "What no chips?" It made me laugh as I gardened. I think they have less easy pickings now everyone has wheelie bins. A trip to the sea wouldn't be the same without them though.

LOL the word verification id gullogg!

WoolenSails said...

I had a lot of catching up to do, you have been busy.
Your quilt came out beautifully and I love the white with the cottage woods.


Sue Doran said...

He's probably just a bit worried about Mew jumping down from the photograph above and eating him for lunch! ;-)