Tuesday, 26 October 2010

How to Hibernate during the Winter

At this time of the year, many are considering whether or not to hibernate for the Winter.
There are pros and cons to sleeping through this period.
On one paw, it is nice to avoid the wet weather, icy winds and freezing temperatures.

It gives you a good excuse to have a huge meal to keep your strength up.
We all know how tiring a long sleep can be. If you are a squirrel you might like some of the walnuts we have that came from a French garden over the weekend.

Hibernating also gives you the chance to put off all the things you have been meaning to do.
Like knitting pink socks.

On the other paw, the cold winter weather is very good for refreshing fur or feathers.
If you are intending to stay awake over the winter, it is best to find yourself a comfortable place near the fire.
Not too near that you get scorched while you are sleeping.

The best plan for the winter is to compromise, sleep in October, wake up for Halloween and Bonfire Night, then sleep through November.
Wake up mid-December, make a quick dash to Harrods for a few presents, then return home to watch all the Christmas T.V. that you can.......

If only...................

I didn't knit Amie's pink socks by the way, she keeps slipping on the floor so we thought it would be a good solution to the problem. As you see she wasn't that amused, even though they had sticky grips on the bottom. There is still a chance to try them on Mew or Frank.

Another group we know won't be hibinateing this year.
Our three kids and our grandkids....
It was our eldest son's birthday yesterday, we won't say how old he is.
Karina on the left is at this moment having a brand new hip replacement.
Titanium is the very "in" thing.
One down and one to go Karina..... That's our girl !


Dolores said...

Perhaps Karina needs something special for having to stay in the hospital. Maybe a new pair of pink socks so she and Amie can show them off. I hope all goes well. I think my son's wedding ring is Titanium. Great family shot - needs framing and hanging...

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wonderful picture of your family!
Yes, I agree, it needs a frame.
Amie looks so cute in those pink
socks. She might appreciate them,
when it gets cold! I hope all goes
well with your daughters surgery.

Bear Hugs~Karen

Caroline B said...

Good luck to Karina - hope the bionic hip does the trick!

Poor Amie, she doesn't look at all enamoured of her pink socks.....

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

All the best to Karina with her recovery - we so hope it helps her. And Happy Birthday to your son.

We siberians love the winter, and we are really hoping for snow this year. Last year we didn't get much. Phantom likes to run through the snow for a few minutes, but then he does like to come in and be warm. But TD and Ciara will want to be outside a lot.

Nice pink socks, how the Mom wishes she could knit. Crochet - yes; knit - not so good.

Woos ~ PHantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Angela Richardson said...

It's definitely been a day to hibernate today. My feet are sooo ... cold I would do with pink knitted socks!!!

Victoria said...

Oh my gosh, those pink socks are hilarious!!! Very cute!

I wouldn't mind a few titanium parts:) I hope the surgery went well. Your kids and grandkids are all gorgeous!

Faye Henry said...

What a lovely family you have there, Midge... I think the little ones look like their Grandma...
Praying all goes well for Karina...
Tell Amie that I admire her socks... lol..

Allie said...

I vote for hibernate! Amie might appreciate those pink socks when the snow flies - she looks adorable in them! Your socks you're knitting look very cozy warm. I'm saying some prayers for Karina, and happy birthday to Steven!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Midge
We are keeping postive thoughts for Karina- lots of them.

You always seem to have family coming and going- we think that is so cool, and a birthday- a good reason to celebrate.
Would those pretty socks fit me?

QuiltSue said...

I hope Karina's op goes well and that she is soon up and running again. I love the pink socks and totally agree with Amie's idea of how to cope with winter.

MyCretanlife said...

Just love the socks even if Amie doen't think so, yet. Hope everything goes well for Karina. She is very young to be having a hip replacement. The family photo looks great, definitely get it framed.

WoolenSails said...

Poor Ami, she does not like pink, lol.
I need some booties for my dog, not sure if he would wear them, but he cannot run around on our wood floors too well.


WendyCarole said...

love the socks

hope Karina's op went well

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Hi Amie! I just had to tell you those pink socks are the cutest! Last night I trimmed Maizey's "fuzzy slippers," I can never do that with our thinking of you, cause your the one who gave us the fuzzy slippers name!LOL We have missed you, and wanted to tell you about our new boy, Magnus. Hope you can stop by and see him!

Heather said...

Amie in socks had me cracking up... I can't wait to see them on everyone else.

(Good luck with that! I'll send bandaides...)