Monday, 29 June 2009

Bird, Bee and Bugs

Last years bird nesting box, THE BEE BOX and we have a new BUG BOX.

The bug box was made in the same way as the bee box except it has four sides and holes for the bugs to go through.
In this case the holes are in the shape of an S for Soggibottom. It also has a lift up lid so we could renew the bug material inside. Wood shavings, dried leaves.

The bees are far too quick for us to catch them on camera going in and out of the bee box, but they have found it already. Placing it in the shelter of honeysuckle must help.

Our vegetable garden.

Picking is now in full flow if you can see the beer bottle, they aren't all mine.
Some of them might be, BUT NOT ALL!

If you can remember back in the Spring when "someone" had the great idea to spray paint the fence because it would be quicker than a paint brush
Mr Mud.......also sprayed the plants, the pond, next doors car that was parked behind the fence at the time and Amie. A green Cavalier is not a pretty sight.

The plants have all grown back and it has all recovered.
Our neighbours were very good about their car. Thankfully it washed off.
Amie cleaned up after a few days.

He is forgiven and we love the new blue.


Jackie said...

am so glad we live far apart. I'd hate you to see my neglected garden.
I suppose on th eother hand if you lived near you could have mine as an allotment.

ittybittyandpretty said...

your place looks so inviting... if i am still blogging in 15 years time i am going to do a world tour of all my blog pals homes!! (if you all dont mind)
anyhow more excitingly montgomery arrived today along with his little travelling companion!!! thank you so much they really are so sweet and will love living with our other felted and fabric friends. not sure what monty's friend will be called...will have a good long think
will post about them soon

Anonymous said...

You are really creating an insect luxury resort! That's fantastic...
Now what are you going to do for all the ladybirds who forgot to get fire insurance :) xx

ps I loved the paint story...gave me a good chuckle

Soggibottom said...

Great to hear your bears arrived. You are both welcome.
Allotments are hard to come by.I might have to become an allotment commuter.
Sorry about your eye Sarah no good to help paint a fence then..tut! As for ladybugs, I have seen one in the garden. ONE...looked healthy enough, I didn't try to feed it, house it or keep it warm. It was also one of those lucky little guys that happens to be quicker than Frank.
x x x