Wednesday, 8 April 2009

One day old Easter Calves

Have lots of other pics to put on here but after seeing the twin calves this afternoon, the others will keep. The twins, one of each .
A change from the usual chicks and Easter lambs. Cute, ah!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god are they ever cute!!! If there is anything cuter than a baby cow it's two baby cows! Awwww. I wouldn't be able to tear myself away hahaha..


Don said...

Easter calves are a great idea, especially if you've ever been involved with the idiotic idea of giving real bunnies or chicks or ducklings as Easter presents.

Ain't nobody going to give an Easter calve as a present! And that's a relief for everyone, including the critters.

Soggibottom said...

She actually asked the farmer if she could have one!!! I was out of earshot at the time. I did comment that one of them would look good in the deep freeze ( my arm still hurts)
Regards, Tony.