Sunday, 12 April 2009

Love the idea of Pay it Forward

Love the idea of PAY IT FORWARD.
The first three to leave a comment on this post will receive a handcrafted "something" from Soggibottom. You have to leave your email address or contact so that I can send you this "something".

The only cost to you is your giving spirit. As you have to pay it forward on your next post on your blog to keep the giving going.

For a better explanation visit WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU SCRAPS (click on the right on the list of some of our favorite sites).

The "something" crafted from Soggibottom........ is,....... not quite sure yet......
Tony has just made a great cold frame for our garden....... promise it won't be that.
Promise it won't be the shells I picked up from under Paignton Pier either.......

Busy lady, but as always I keep my promises........ er.... sorry.... it's not AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM either. You wish..!


Don said...

Midge, you generous soul, don't send us anything more. We are blessed to know you and your kind heart. Thank you for all the wonderful, interesting pictures and communications.

Anonymous said...

Oh me, pick me too! Hehe. :D

Sparky said...

Everything that comes out of Soggibottom is amazing! x