Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cheddar Toy Museum

Toys for boys ladies.
I should have added this along with the posts of Cheddar Gorge,
but have kept it so BREDAN could see some real cool, old cars.
Yes, Bredan it's you........

Think you will find these have the steering wheel on the "right" side.

To all the motorist around this weekend. Have fun and take care.

Most of all, hope everyone has a really great Easter Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Brendan is pretty excited to see those cars! He says they're "wicked" hahaha.

Sparky said...

Hallo from Thailand! Were on Koh tao! Missing u both lots. see you early may xxxx Mark and bex

Soggibottom said...

Koh tao sounds like something from Star wars..... look on your blog comments ........ nice rock by the way. Might need quite a few tins of paint to cover it....x x x