Monday, 23 February 2009

There are mice and mice

I have just been reading Squirrel Chat's blog and thought it a great time to post Franks latest effort. Little playmate friend he must have brought in last night.

Wow we are lucky. Although he did bring home a young white rabbit once.

The mouse on top of the door is allowed to stay, but Franks scuttler friends live to fight another day if they are lucky enough and we catch them. This little guy we put near the stream, without Frank looking.


Anonymous said...

Did your other cats know about the little fellow Frank brought in? I've been leery of those pet doors, can just see a skunk walking into ours, or trying. Wouldn't work with Jack Russells for sure! But do tell if the other cats knew! What mayhem!! Glad you were able to gather him up, and put him back outside. I do think he is cute, though. He'd make a great painting...!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say how darling your resident mouse is...He is great. Glad you showed him to us.

Tiffany T said...

That is a very cute mouse. Nice to see it still alive. I've been heartbroken over the number of mice my dog has... destroyed over the last two years. And left for me to clean up. Ick.

Also, I hope you tossed that glass away :).

Anonymous said...

Aww, he's adorable!!

Anonymous said...

To see a skunk walk through the cat flap might mean I have had a glass too many. He brings in moles, voles, snakes, rat once. He is always "up to something". Maybe has a Jack Russell gene.
It was so bad at one time, we had a mouse every morning, either chewed or bits of one or looking down at us from a high advantage point. The hours we have spent trying to have a live capture.
Hope he is slowing up as he gets older. Wishfull thinking.

Anonymous said...

Pre-Jack Russell, we determined that we had a mouse in a little closet we used as a food pantry.

Michele told me she saw his cute little bum sticking out between food items.

Brave old Dad (me) began removing items to reveal the wee sleekit beastie.

At last, the prey was uncovered! He leapt and I caught his tail under my sneaker. The tiny quarry bit my sole!

I held a paper grocery bag open and lifted my foot. The mouse fled into the dark bag.

We (wifie and two children) then took the baggged dearie outside and I gently tipped it into a 4'x8' utility trailer so we could observe him.

Observe!? He jumped twice like a bionic kangaroo and disappeared over the edge, leaving four human mouths soundless and gaping.

Soggibottom said...

Love the story Don.

There is an art to mouse catching.