Saturday, 21 February 2009

5th of the 5th tag

Tagged again..... I don't mind.

It is a welcome change at the moment.
The funniest thing to see (which you can't) is my face as I go into the photo file.
Is it going to be printable or NOT!

Phew.... this one is..... joy............

This was taken as we walked Amie along the Jurassic Coast on a mild December Day. Maybe why it looks strangely blue. The coastline is still eroding and walking along this particular beach can be different from the norm. You shouldn't walk that close to the rocks, just in case.... hum.....just as well because if anything should fall as I walked near I would probably just stand there in disbelief

I spotted the root of a fallen tree and at the time thought it sad, o.k.... I also thought it made a good "snap". Does anyone use the word "snap" anymore?

So here you are Susan, 5th file, 5th photo.
The Madmerles would love this beach, never know they might even meet Amie Soto Blossom and the two old fossils who walk with her.

Now I have to tag others
5 others who open up their 5th file and post their 5th photo ...... he... he........ who.... would love to be tagged.

I can't really tag SparkyBrand or Rebecca's way round, as they just aren't here at the moment.

How about, let me see ......Tell you the next posting.....

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