Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Maroons and the beaches are open to dogs again.

We visited Exmouth Lifeboat station a few weeks ago. It was raining and the place was open and looked a dry place to shelter for a while.
We took some photo's and found it interesting. We think maroons are flares, but have to say we didn't really read the notice, but thought we would have another visit tomorrow.
The beaches are open to dogs, a huge plus for Amie. I will leave her the last word. As usual

WHY IS IT THAT WHEN YOU ARE UP TO YOUR ARMPITS IN HEAVENLY SEAWEED your owners think that you will come running back to them for one ratty measly dog biscuit?


Anonymous said...

Michele, I'm not sure what a Maroon is, but I do remember Bugs Bunny using the term disparagingly, as in, "What a maroon!"

I've stopped by Sparky Brand a few times now and left comments. Your son seems like a good person.

Time to go home and make popcorn for the comics tonight (that would be the VP debate).

Soggibottom said...

We have our own Maroon and we call him Gorden.