Friday, 3 October 2008

Oh..... no.... not another seagull.......

Karina asked me why we have so many seagulls posted on the blog. Easy to answer, we live by the seaside. There are loads of them. They have even invaded the cottage.

Would you believe it, not a seagull in sight on the above photo.

Only Amie having a good time.

Her coat seems to be a hit this week. I have been asked to knit two of them for poodles. The small one isn't a problem and I have nearly finished it. But the other one is for a standard poodle and I have to adjust the patten. Maybe we can set a trend of Soggibottom, hand knitted dog jumpers. You will get the label that has Soggibottom on it, now that is worth a fortune, well, I wish.


Anonymous said...

I stopped at a McDonald's in Cadillac, Michigan, yesterday, as I drove southerly from the cottage to our home in Grand Rapids. Cadillac has two largish inland lakes. A seagull shrieked from the roof of the restaurant as I approached. A warning? A welcome?

There is a saying in America that you should eat where the truckers eat. I don't think one can substitute gulls for truckers.

Thank you for your warm communications. Thank you also (I think)for the enticing suggestion of swapping our cottage for the place next to your door. I think I located it on the web. Now I'll be preoccupied and bumping into things as I long for yet another impossible dream. Drat...I'm about to sing something Don Quixote-ish.

Anonymous said...

Soggibottom is called Soggibottom for a very good reason Don!