Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Guess who has been to Tidy Tails

Clean Amie thanks to Auntie Melony. Now to clean the dog flap!


Anonymous said...

That's a clean dog there! i think i might need my tail tidying. I'll book myself in!

Don said...

Michele, we now have a favorite links category on our site...and you are the first listing!

I thought of you last night as I was taking a picture of Jackie eating apples pieces on my Michele's chair. Michele asked how you take such nice pictures of your pooch, without reflective eyes. I suggested you don't use a flash. I suspect you also know how to adjust for redeye (something I need to learn with my new camera and software).

Tony said...

Hello Don, its My Michele's other half, Tony.
We have a system called adobe photoshop. after down-loading the pictures from our tiny digital camera, we click on "fix" and if any pics have redeye we can get rid of it.
Glad you read the blog, Michele spends time on it most evenings, even more time now the nights are getting longer and the daylight shorter.
Kind regards from myself, Michele, Amie and the 5 cats.

Michele said...

I also make great teddy bears ha ha ha and can be known under the name of pink and fluffy.
Sorry... I'm not ....

W. Batch said...

What a cutie.